Chillicothe, TX (also called Iris Village) was founded in the early 1880s and developed rapidly after the construction of the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway in 1887. The community, named by A. E. Jones for hisĀ hometown in Missouri. The post office was established in 1883 with Charles E. Jones as postmaster. The Fort Worth and Denver City railroad was built through the county in 1887 giving the town a big economic boost. A fire destroyed the town in 1890, and citizens rebuilt south of the rail line.

Grain elevators were built in 1892-93. Chillicothe incorporated in 1907 with a population of 800. The Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway was built through the count in 1908.

In 1950, the population reached over 1,400. The population decreased slowly but was still over 1,000 in 1980. In 1990 the population was a little more than 800.

Come visit us on U.S. Highway 287, State Highway 91, Farm Road 2006.